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1) How is my data protected?

- Data processing strictly follows the regulations set out in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)-EU Regulation 2016/679.

- Data that identifies you directly such as name, email address, etc. will be replaced by an identification code.
- Only pseudonymous (protected) data would be shared among other partners in this project, who have the same data agreements. The data used for publications does not identify you personally.

-  In addition, you will receive detailed information about data protection and contact persons (in case of doubt) in the consent forms.

2) What do I do if I have complaints, feedback or suggestions?

Contact the research team.


Simulator Trials

3) When will simulator trials begin?

Simulator testing is scheduled to begin by the end of July.

4) How long does the simulator trial last?

- The simulator test lasts about 2.5 hours.

5) Do I have to bring anything for the simulator trials?

- No, you don't need to bring anything.

6)  Is there parking at the simulator site?

- Yes, there is and you can find the directions here.


Road Trials

7) When do the road trials start?

- The road tests are scheduled to begin in August.

8) How long do the road trials last?

- The road test will last about 7 months.

9) Will I be given a driving plan?

- No. During the study period you should drive the same way. We do not tell you where you should and should not drive.

10) Should I tell the i-DREAMS team which route I am going to take?

- No. You should not tell the i-DREAMS team about your routes even if you leave the country.

11) If I fail to successfully comply with traffic regulations (e.g. observe speed limits on the road, obey parking regulations, etc.), will this have negative consequences for me (e.g. negative points on my driver's license)?

- No. The data collected is only used for i-DREAMS' research purposes, and this data will not be passed on to the police or any other authorities. 

12) Can I leave the experiment before the allotted time?

- Yes. You can leave whenever you want. However, only drivers who complete the trial period will be eligible for the 500€ raffle.

13) Does the i-DREAMS system interfere with the normal operation of the vehicle?

- No. The i-DREAMS system does not interfere with the hardware or software of the vehicle.

14) What do I do if the i-DREAMS system stops working?

- Report it to your most direct contact within the research team.

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