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Barraqueiro Group Laboratory Inauguration

March 2020

Last March, the Barraqueiro Group inaugurated its first laboratory. This space has the objective of developing and housing technological solutions related to the mobility sector and that can contribute positively to sustainability and innovation in transportation.

Logo LAB.jpg


"The creation of the laboratory arose within the i-DREAMS project at a stage when it was essential to create a space where we could have a simulator and, therefore, where we could train our drivers. It was essential to create a space, which we called laboratory, that could house both this project and later other projects that we may develop.

At this time, along with i-DREAMS, there are other projects in which we are involved, namely the reconversion project of a minibus, which we have the collaboration of some entities, such as ISEL and co-financed by the Environmental Fund in the light of the Alenquer LVPD. In addition, the administration has been throwing us some challenges about products that were coming out on the market as well as some simulations that we needed to do, so nothing better than the creation of a space, a laboratory, where we can test all these products and develop some projects." says the coordinator of the tests in Portugal, Engineer Tiago Octício. 

"It ends up being an opportunity to test concepts, if we can test on site a series of technologies and innovative products that can bring benefit to our operation, no doubt the project itself is already a winner.

We will be able to develop a series of projects in this laboratory and thus bring some innovations to the company," adds the responsible. 

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