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Test Simulator Installation

March 11 and 12, 2020

On March 4, the Barraqueiro Group Laboratory received the i-Dreams project bus test simulator. This simulator was designed by the Belgian start-up DSS (Drive Sim Solutions) in partnership with the University of Hasselt and the multiple partners of the consortium.

This first phase of the project will last one month and approximately 40 simulator tests will be performed.


The simulator is based on an optimized universal configuration that can be used for both truck and bus simulation.


It is constructed from aluminum profiles so that its dimensions are fully customizable. The driver's seat is equipped with vibro-tactile sensors that can be programmed to provide warnings or interventions to the driver. A customizable 4.3" display that is used as a digital instrument panel to show speed, rpm and other relevant vehicle information.


Graphics are provided via 3 43" 4K monitors, which create a 130° field of view. The simulator can be equipped with a fully operational CAN bus with multiple interfaces and a 12-24V power supply system that allows easy integration of auxiliary equipment. Optionally, the simulator can be expanded with cruise control and retarder modules. Finally, the simulator is optimized to run the STISIM Drive 3 driving simulation software.

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