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About the Project

The objective of this study is to develop and establish a methodology to define, implement, test and validate a context-sensitive 'Safety Tolerance Zone' for the operation of road and rail vehicles, within an intelligent monitoring and assessment of the operational context and operation support system (i-DREAMS). This safe operating zone consists of a dynamic operating envelope, whose boundaries are continuously defined and adjusted based on the operational context, ensuring operator safety , and as such do not necessarily reflect the imminence of an incident or accident.

The field trials (operational) will take place in 5 countries, namely: Portugal, Belgium, UK, Germany and Greece, being the locals responsible for the different field trials:

  • Barraqueiro Transportes, S.A. (Portugal)

  • UHasselt –  Univesiteit Hasselt (Belgium)

  • Loughborough University (United Kingdom)

  • TUM –  Technische Universitaet Muenchen (Germany)

  • NTUA –  National Technical University of Athens (Greece)


The trials, in Portugal, also count with the technological supervision of CardioID Technologies.

i-DREAMS in Portugal

The study, within the European i-DREAMS project, involves 600 drivers spread over five EU countries (Belgium, Portugal, United Kingdom, Greece, Germany) and four modes of transport (car, bus, truck, rail). The study includes, in a first phase, tests in a simulator environment, followed by three distinct phases in a real operating environment, i.e. on the road. You can consult the structure of the different test phases, as well as the distribution of participants per mode and phase, using the button below.

In Portugal, the main sample will have a minimum of 160 participants, of which it was initially planned to have one group of 50 truck drivers and a second group of 110 bus drivers. However, in order to balance the number of samples between heavy goods and passenger road modes, the number of participants will be revised to 25 to 30 truck drivers and 120 to 125 heavy passenger drivers, with the final number depending on the pool of volunteer participants and the minimum recruitment criteria defined in the project.

In Portuguese territory, Barraqueiro Transportes S.A., a Barraqueiro Group company, will be in charge of coordinating the tests. 

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